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Last year, a documentary was released entitled “The Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness.” It chronicled the meteoric rise of the CrossFit games with segments of the 2016 CrossFit games woven into the storyline. It is awe-inspiring to watch. These are elite level athletes that are performing amazing feats of fitness, strength, and endurance. It would be very easy for someone to look at the Games athletes and say CrossFit is not for me. I can’t do what they are doing. Not many can. They are the elite of the elite. That is why they are where they are. Though CrossFit has elite level athletes, that doesn’t mean that CrossFit is for only the elite. CrossFit is for everyone. That is an astounding claim to make, you might say. Yet there are three reasons that I make this claim.

The first reason I can make this claim is that CrossFit is functional. Without going into the topic of functional movement, which usually generates more heat than light and is a topic reserved for a future article, I simply want to say that functional movement is a movement that is found in everyday life or mimics movement we find in everyday life. For example, if you are going to bend down to the ground to lift something off the ground, you are essentially performing a deadlift. Though deadlifts are a weight training movement, it is a functional movement because it mimics moving an object or load from a stationary position on the ground to a standing position, something people do every day. So CrossFit is functional in its movements, which applies to movements that everyone performs. CrossFit improves our ability to function in simple day-to-day movements.

Second, CrossFit is scalable. What scalable means is that the movement can be replaced or adjusted in order to gain the overall benefit of the movement, but adjust it to accommodate any skill or strength level. For example, a person may not be able to do a full-plank push-up, but the movement can be scaled so a person may do a push-up on their knees or on an inclined box. The overall benefit of the movement is still retained, but the movement is adjusted or scaled to accommodate a person’s present skill and strength level.

The third reason CrossFit is for everyone is that an individual can vary their intensity based on their present fitness level. So, when a CrossFit games athlete performs 50 Dumbell presses and when dear grandma performs the same movement, it is not a difference in kind of movement, it is a difference in intensity of movement. Grandma is still getting the benefit of the movement. She is still making improvements to her fitness, but she is not performing the movement at the same intensity that a Games athlete is. Because the intensity of the workout can be varied to fit everyone’s fitness level.

Finally, CrossFit is for everyone because it is focused on overall fitness. CrossFit is not just about working out. It is about nutrition. It is about movement and mobility. It has as its concern, an individual’s overall health and fitness. It is concerned about remedying the chronic illnesses that plague human beings due to poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles. CrossFit is for everyone because CrossFit wants to help humanity

CrossFit is not for a select few. CrossFit is for everyone whatever your current fitness level may be. CrossFit is a tool, a philosophy, and methodology that is proven to be effective for everyone who has tried it, not just for a few. We at Iron Warrior are concerned about your fitness, everyone’s fitness, that is why we use CrossFit to produce results in your health and fitness levels.