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As a young boy, it was not uncommon for me to sit on the footstool near my grandfather’s recliner and listen to him tell story after story. In fact, those were some of the most memorable times I had as a boy. He would often say that things were more “durable” than they are today. Things lasted longer. They held up over time. They were more resistant to wear. I didn’t fully appreciate what he was saying until I thought about it in terms of my own physical health, my own fitness.

It didn’t hit me until I had difficulty playing with my kids and even enjoying going outside for some physical activity. I didn’t have the energy, nor did I seem to have the durability to enjoy the things this life had to offer. Fitness was not something I had really considered. I lifted weights, but I wasn’t fit. I couldn’t move well. I had low energy. I just couldn’t do the things I once could. I was, as my grandfather would say, less durable than I once was. It was in that moment, I discovered fitness was the corrective to enjoying life once again.

At Iron Warrior Fitness, we use the hashtag IronWarriorFit. It is even the name of our blog. It’s more than a hashtag. It captures all that we are about. Iron Warrior Fitness exists to forge more durable human beings. Our goal, our mission, is seeing a transformation take place in men and women. To be “durable” is to be strong and stable. To be “durable” is to hold up over time. This is not simply for the purpose of looking good in the mirror or being able to post a massive PR lift on Instagram. The goal of being more durable is for the purpose of enjoying life. It is for the purpose of being able to enjoy a scenic vacation or going on a long hike and enjoying the majestic beauty of this world. It is for the purpose of being able to get down on the floor and play with your kids and grandkids without worrying about getting back up. The goal of being more durable is the enjoyment of life and not worrying about physical limitations.

How do we do it? How do we at Iron Warrior Fitness forge more durable human beings? CrossFit is the tool we use to forge more durable human beings. We use varied movements that include body weight, kettlebells, barbells, and dumbells. We do it all with an emphasis on safety in training. It is hard to become more durable when you are injured. We forge more durable human beings by setting individual goals and giving you the tools and resources necessary to meet those goals. And we forge more durable human beings by including you in a community of people that care about one another, work hard, and encourage one another.

Little did I know that those days sitting on the footstool with my grandfather would have such a lasting impact, but they did. At Iron Warrior, we strive to have a lasting impact on people through fitness. Enjoy life, become #IronWarriorFit