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Have you ever noticed that there is a sense of pride that accompanies ownership? When you own something, whether it is a car, a house, or even a college degree, you take a great sense of pride. You earned it. You worked hard for it. You tend to take care of the thing that you own. What does ownership have to do with fitness?

There is no denying that we live in a fast-paced world. Speed and convenience is the name of the game. We want it our way, right away to quote Burger King (no judging for quoting a fast-food chain in a fitness blog). Yet, when it comes to the Turkish Get-Up with a kettlebell, speed is never our friend. The Turkish Get-Up is a full-body exercise like no other that develops strength in a way few other movements can. The Turkish Get-Up is a complex series of movements that requires practice, lots of practice. It is ill-advised that anyone performs a Get-Up with any weight without first mastering each movement within the Get-Up without weight. Never rush to perform a Get-Up with a heavy load or let anyone rush you to perform one with a heavy load without first “owning” every movement that comprises the Get-Up.

What is meant by “owning each position”? The answer to this question has two parts. First, you must make sure that you can move slowly and in a controlled manner throughout the Get-Up. Remember, speed is not our friend in the Get-Up. Speed actually detracts from the effectiveness of the exercise and makes you succeptible to injury. You shouldn’t feel as though your movements are jerky. Your movment should be smooth, even having an elegance to it. Second, in each position of the Turkish Get-Up you should feel as though you are settled and stable. To put it simply, you should be in a good position. Take time in each position. Give yourself a two-second pause at each position. Ask yourself, “Am I in a good position?” “Am I stable?” “Am I set?” If the answer is yes, then make a smooth controlled movement to the next position and repeat the process throughout the totality of the Turkish Get-Up.

Ownership is a good thing. When we apply ownership to each postion in the Get-Up, we develop significant strength and power, which contributes to our overall fitness. The Turkish Get-Up is an amazing exercise that must not be rushed. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the movement. Don’t hurry, own it.