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Have you ever felt that you wanted to become more healthy and fit? I would imagine we probably all have at some point. Maybe you were one of those people who jumped right into the gym after deciding you were going to make a change and you did so without hesitation. Maybe you are the person who is currently having that feeling. Maybe you are somewhere in between. The issue isn’t where you are on the spectrum I’ve just described, the issue I want to address is the misguided notion that someone can’t do CrossFit. Maybe you have thought that or are thinking it? You might be currently working out in a gym, but believe you cannot do CrossFit because it seems too intense. Maybe you are looking to begin your journey to become more healthy and fit. You look at CrossFit and despite all the success stories, you believe you can’t do it.

It is important to understand something from the very outset. At Iron Warrior, our very purpose is to help people become more fit. Our purpose statement is “forging more durable human beings.” As I have said before, that has a very specific reason attached to it. We want to forge more durable human beings so you can enjoy life to the fullest. When you are more physically fit and healthy, you can do more things and experience more things. Your quality of life is exponentially improved. You are sick less frequently. Chronic pain is significantly improved, if not remedied. The benefits of being fit and being healthy are manifold. What we do at Iron Warrior Fitness is forge more durable human beings so you can enjoy life to its fullest. The question then becomes, how do we do that? What is the tool that we use to help you become more fit? We use CrossFit. It is the tool. Our purpose is fitness and the tool we use to accomplish the purpose is CrossFit.

If you understand that the tool is CrossFit and the purpose is fitness, then it is important to understand that the tool (CrossFit) is not applied in a one-size-fits-all way. The tool is applied to the individual needs. How CrossFit is applied to someone who has lived a sedentary lifestyle to someone who has lived an active lifestyle is different. How CrossFit is applied to someone who is 65 years old and someone who is 25 years old is different. It is not applied in an arbitrary way. The coach applies the tool in a way that will still elicit the intended result but may adjust the movement, repetitions, duration, or intensity for individuals.

The short answer to the objection “I can’t do CrossFit” is yes you can. What is more, not only can you, but you should. If you are interested in having a higher quality of life and enjoying all that this life has to offer, then fitness is not an option. It is a necessity. How can you get fit? By the proper implementation of the tool of CrossFit. That is what we do at Iron Warrior Fitness. We want to help you. You can do CrossFit. Come talk to us and tell us how we can help you. Don’t be intimidated or anxious. Everyone starts somewhere. CrossFit is for everyone and everyone can do it. It is not simply for an elite class of athlete. You can do it!