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Someone once told me (okay, it was my grandfather) that change is always difficult, but when you do make changes, communicating what the purpose of the change is and why it ultimately is better will make change much less difficult. I wanted to take a moment and communicate the what and why about Ground Force Method (GFM). We have implemented the beginnings of GFM in our classes and I am a certified GFM Instructor, but it is important that we all understand what GFM is and why it is ultimately beneficial to our long-term health and fitness.

Let’s begin with the “what.” GFM is simply defined as “movement based strength training.” It is based on movement patterns that we all have mastered but mastered when we were children. The system was birthed out of working with injured athletes or average people who were no longer able to enjoy movement. Consequently, the primal movement patterns, such as squatting, crawling, bridging, leaping, we learned and mastered as children were employed as a way to get people moving, but not just moving or simply just moving pain-free, but moving better. GFM incorporates these primal movements in order to get us moving better, moving stronger, moving, faster, and moving more. This fits in line with the purpose of Iron Warrior Fitness. We “forge more durable humans to live the life you want to live.” Movement is part of life. Movement is essential to living. What is key to note here is that moving better comes before anything else. It does us a disservice if we try to move faster, stronger, and more if we don’t first move better. Through GFM, we first learn to move better by, in some sense, reprogramming our central nervous system through movement so we do move better.

In answering the “what” of GFM, we also begin to see the “why.” However, I want to bore down a little deeper on the “why” of GFM. Why do we employ it at Iron Warrior Fitness?  We need to be able to move our own body. A lot of what we do in a workout at IWF incorporates the use of a load (barbell, kettlebell, etc.). In order to move those loads well, we need to be able to move our body well. So, GFM helps us to move our body better so that when we do movements with a load, we can move that load better, more efficiently, and ultimately develop greater levels of fitness. Furthermore, by moving better, we prevent injury. When joints, ligaments, and tendons are not accustomed to good movement, we are at a greater risk of injury, not just in moving loads at the gym, but in life. So we use GFM as a tool to help us with mobility so that we are safe as we pursue fitness, but that we can move in life better and avoid injury.

As I have said before, our goal at IWF is fitness. That is what we are about. We want you to live the life you want and we are convinced that health and fitness are key to living that life. We use tools in order to accomplish our goal. As I wrote in a previous blog, CrossFit is one tool that we use. Another tool we use is Ground Force Method. If you want to learn more about GFM, visit their website HERE.