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Creating a Mindset of Belief in Your Ability

"I don't know, can you?" Perhaps you had an English Grammar teacher like I did. You would ask a question such as "Can I use the restroom?" and the response would be "I don't know, can you?" What accompanied was an explanation that "can" is an ability word. The correct...

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Ground Force Method: The What and the Why

Someone once told me (okay, it was my grandfather) that change is always difficult, but when you do make changes, communicating what the purpose of the change is and why it ultimately is better will make change much less difficult. I wanted to take a moment and...

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I Can’t do CrossFit

Have you ever felt that you wanted to become more healthy and fit? I would imagine we probably all have at some point. Maybe you were one of those people who jumped right into the gym after deciding you were going to make a change and you did so without hesitation....

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Why CrossFit is for Everyone

Last year, a documentary was released entitled "The Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness." It chronicled the meteoric rise of the CrossFit games with segments of the 2016 CrossFit games woven into the storyline. It is awe-inspiring to watch. These are elite level...

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Community as a Core Value

It seems that every direction you turn, someone is talking about "community." It is a seemingly prolific term that is thrown around so much in fitness that it has almost become a cliche. Everyone wants to have it and many claim they have it, but is community really...

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Owning Each Position In the Turkish Get-Up

Have you ever noticed that there is a sense of pride that accompanies ownership? When you own something, whether it is a car, a house, or even a college degree, you take a great sense of pride. You earned it. You worked hard for it. You tend to take care of the thing...

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How Not to Reach Your Goals

More often than not, I would venture to guess that when you hear the word "evidence" you think of a court case. The evidence is the body of information available that supports whether or not a proposition is true. The Jury will weigh the evidence presented in a court...

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One Key to Improve Your Two-Hand Kettlebell Swing

One of the foundational movements that we use at Iron Warrior Fitness is the Two-Hand Kettlebell Swing. For those of you wondering whether I am talking about the American or Russian swing, I am talking about the Russian hardstyle swing. The difference between the two...

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What does #IronWarriorFit mean?

As a young boy, it was not uncommon for me to sit on the footstool near my grandfather's recliner and listen to him tell story after story. In fact, those were some of the most memorable times I had as a boy. He would often say that things were more "durable" than...

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